All About The Welsh Red Meat Industry And Your Red Meat Business


Since devolution both Scotland and Wales set up their own individual and centralised red meat industry committees. While it is good that the UK on the whole benefits from great trade and regulation. The Welsh Red Meat industry is on hand to offer standards, advice and more ways to market the meat you wish to enter into market.

They achieve this in several ways. For any healthy market to grow it needs contacts. Farmers need to be apprised of the many facets of the food chain but it's not always possible to stay on top of every aspect. This is where the Welsh Red Meat market comes into play. They monitor market prices across the world and gauge price rises so that you can make more of a profit on the stock you already hold.

They offer a range of daily updated dead weight sheep, cattle and pig prices across the EU, UK and Wales and also keep track of individual meat markets in England and Wales. This ensures a farmer always knows the best prices and can factor in other costs on the fly. Hybu Cig Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) also has representatives and contacts worldwide to ensure maximum potential when it comes to gaining new orders and exporting meat markets that individual farmers simply cannot ascertain through their own means.

Both Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef can be found in a variety of retailer's butchers across the world thanks to the promotional campaigns and marketing material that the HCC invest in on behalf of their farmers and the general red meat food chain at large Much like New Zealand lamb is a success and an in demand product so to are Welsh products. It's all in the marketing and of course the taste and consumers finding the meat to be of a satisfactory source of daily protein and nourishment.

Standards and practices are also a main aspect of the organisation. The Welsh Red Meat Industry, the HCC, can assist with training. Offer advice on how to increase profit margins and improve on existing cost effective measures. Through a variety of yearly consultations and industry wide trade shows, the HCC aims to make Welsh Beef and Lamb a primary choice of worldwide importers. Exemplifying quality, standards and overall, growing the Welsh red meat industry internally to deliver quality meat products to those who demand it.