Healthy Living With A Weekly Diet Of Red Meat


There are people who live without red meat, we respect their decision however did you know that haem iron - the type of iron found in red meat is easier for the body to absorb than iron found in plants and vegetables? So suck that broccoli with your 0.7mg of iron, red meat wins. Red meat should be a vital aspect of most people, at least on a weekly basis. Especially in teenagers. As already illustrated, red meat is one of the best foods to consume for iron intake. Young girls are usually staggering low on iron intake and red meat can help combat low levels.

But what vitamins and nutrients can be gained from eating lamb or beef on a regular basis and as part of a healthy diet? Well pork has Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) which is great for maintaining an healthy nervous system as well encouraging energy release. The lean red meat also contains high levels of zinc which aids in the recovery of muscle fibre and assists with healing wounds at a faster rate. Another vitamin B compound, Vitamin B12 is important for red blood cells to flourish, ensuring growth is maintained and helps with energy production.

Sometimes meat can be salty, this is dependent on the curing period and the cattle themselves, However thanks to modern day processing procedures, bacon today has over 50% less salt content than 150 years ago. Let's be honest, what would bacon be without that salty taste!?! In the same vein, red meat doesn't require many additives to get to market and relatively naturally low in salt already. Back to the vitamins. In the UK alone 28% of Vitamin A digested within the population is garnered from red meat and its by products. If you can read that paragraph, the red meat is serving you well as it contributes to active vision.

Now to the fat content, are you worried about your weight? Have you been told that all those steaks are bad for you? Well you could cut down on the McDonald's and Burgerking's and opt for a fresher more mean and lean steak cooked at home. Lean red meat is mostly mono unsaturated fats which your bodily absolutely adores and is listed by doctors and nutritionist as an healthy heart fat. To further add to the argument that red meat is great for a stable diet. Lean pork usually contains on average only 4% fat.

So whoever coined the phrase porky pig, didn't think it through thoroughly enough. With thanks to for the assembly of stats. Red meat rules!